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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Buffalo Tom - All albums from 1988 - 2011

What are they?
Eight albums from Boston based band Buffalo Tom. Not Boston, Lincolnshire. Boston, Massachusetts.
Why should you listen?
Put it this way: if you listen to one Buffalo Tom album and like it, you’ll like them all. In a similar vein to REM, every album is virtually the same with a smattering of cracking songs throughout.
What’s it like?
Quite pleasant guitar based stuff. Sometimes distorted. Sometimes a bit more jingly jangly acoustic based. The songs can be split into two groups. The ‘Bill Janovitz on vocals’ songs and the ‘Chris Colbourn on vocals’ songs. I can put the difference into two easy equations: Bill Janovitz = Bob Mould, Chris Colbourn = Grant Hart. Hüsker Dü fans know exactly what I mean.
What are the best tracks?
Right, here we go. We’ll have the best song from every album starting with the most recent.
Skins (2011)
‘Arise, Watch’ - Quite a gentle one, but it’s got a gorgeous start. The demo version of it is pretty good too. 
Three Easy Pieces (2007)
‘You’ll Never Catch Him’ - Another gentle number. Beautiful song.

Smitten (1998)
‘Scottish Windows’ - Doesn’t sound like the sort of thing I’d like from the first part, but it’s got a great chorus. Smitten  also contains the best Chris Colbourn song, ‘Rachael’.
Sleepy Eyed (1995)
‘Summer’ - Another great anthemic chorus in this one too. When are we going to get to a rockier number?

Big Red Letter Day (1993)
‘Tree House’ - Not exactly rocky but definitely picking up the pace.

 Let Me Come Over (1992)
‘Taillights Fade’ - Back to a slower pace with yet another quality chorus.

Birdbrain (1990)
‘Guy Who Is Me’ - Proper rock. Quality. Distorted and shouty.

Buffalo Tom (1988)
‘Sunflower Suit’ - Right back to where it all started. The first song I ever heard by Buffalo Tom. Instantly liked it and I still love it now. Possibly their best song. Easily their best album too.

Who does it sound like?
Rival schools, The Twilight Singers, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

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