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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Melanie C - Top 10

Here at Into the Valley we champion the underdogs, turns that you've most probably never heard of but are worthy of your attention. There is another sub-category that we also love: the has-beens, turns that were once successful but have sadly fallen on hard times (see the obligatory Erasure entries every year in Doccortex's Festive 50 for evidence).

And so we get to Melanie C. Once part of the mega popular cabaret act, The Spice Girls, Mel C is now reduced to publishing her own music to even get it heard by anyone, music that virtually no-one likes. Yet I really like her. She was the only member of The Spice Girls who could actually sing and her distinctive voice was without a doubt the only good thing about them. Apart from two dubious albums (the far too pleasant 'This Time' and the show tunes aberration 'Stages') she's knocked out some quality stuff. To prove it (possibly) here's my top ten Melanie C. tracks:

10. Reason - Reason

9. Last night on Earth - Beautiful Intentions

8. I turn to you - Hex Hector radio Mix - Northern Star

7. Little piece of me - Beautiful Intentions

6. Stupid Game - The Sea

5. Beautiful Intentions - Beautiful Intentions

4. Why - Northern Star

3. Don't need this - Beautiful Intentions

2. Never say never - Beautiful Intentions

1. You'll get yours - Beautiful Intentions

(Album Version)

(Acoustic Version)

(Quality Live Version)


1 comment:

  1. Weirdly enough I can of like her too. She seems like a really nice person and I saw her on the telly the other night skydiving for a cancer charity. I like 'I turn to you' but my favorite is that collaboration she did with Lisa Left Eye Lopez. Well done that has been!