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Monday, 4 May 2015

Saint Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Classic Track - Only Love Can Break Your Heart

I never liked anything else they did before or after this blissful indie/dance crossover single. It seems a travesty of justice that the excellent Moira Lambert got the push in favour of Sarah Cracknell, but at least she didn't outstay her welcome; I wonder what she's up to now? Check out the typically early 90's video; the combination of football table and this song never fails to send me into a frenzy.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Savages – Silence Yourself

I bought this album on the strength of the track that was included on the Rough Trade Counter Culture album that sounded like The Joyce Mckinney experience, a group that Evlkeith has championed valiantly over the years. However let's not make any bones about it, Savages wear their influences on their sleeves and the predominant influence is not Joyce. Essentially this sounds like a Siouxsie and the Banshees tribute band! And as such I wasn’t that sure I was even going to give it any air time on the car stereo.

But wonders will never cease; a couple of listens and I was hooked. You soon forget about the Siouxsie-ness that pervades everything and start to realise this is a quality collection of harsh, post punk ditties which take the sound forward rather than revel in the early eighties. I think it probably helps if you actively like the Banshees' back catalogue though.

The drumming is so beautifully harsh at times it takes your breath away and those tribal rhythms permeate every song to enhance the minimal distorted guitar and the howling familiar vocals. The pick of the bunch are the pummelling, relentless opener ‘Shut Up’, ‘No Face’ which sounds like X-Ray Spex at their ragged live best, and my favourite is the epic ‘She Will’ which showcases those pounding drums and Hooky style base to their maximum. Throw in the most saccharin of vocals and some soaring guitar riffs and you’re onto a serious winner.

If you have a soft spot for female vocal punk rock then you can’t go wrong with ‘Silence Yourself’. In a similar way that Elastica actually improved the Wire template, Savages have done a similar thing with the Banshees. It’s undeniably Siouxsie yet more so!   

Friday, 1 May 2015

Eyes Set to Kill - Infected

Pick of the Week 63 - Eyes Set to Kill

A good old fashioned alternative rock singalong from the critically acclaimed Arizona three-piece. However, it is transformed into something special by the unashamedly Silent Hill homage of a video, with jerky dancing spooky looking nurses aplenty. Their back catalogue looks seriously worth a look. 

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Morgan Page - Body Work ft. Tegan and Sara

Worth a Listen 6 - Morgan Page

Not entirely convinced by this dance/pop/indie crossover. However the excellent Tegan and Sara's involvement make it worth a listen...

Friday, 24 April 2015

Queens of the Stone Age – Like Clockwork

A Christmas present but in this case not one I was particularly looking forward to experiencing. Dave Grohl’s involvement with QOTSA has put me off them a bit, although my prejudice may have no basis as I’m not sure he has anything to do with them these days. Anyway, Grohl aside, the album is still chugging, predictable and frankly boring. Basically, most of the tracks get flicked with the exception of two that are at least acceptable.

It sounds like they’ve run out of ideas and are making records just for the paycheque now. Having said that ‘I sat by the Ocean’ is engaging enough in a middle of the road style and ‘The Vampire of Time and Money’ is a quirky little rock ballad that it’s difficult not to enjoy. Credit where credit’s due, but it’s hardly worth the price of the album on its own. All the rest have the feel of a standard issue QOTSA b-sides and fillers compilation.

One for the hardcore fans only I think.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Daniel Avery - Drone Logic

Worth a Listen 5 - Daniel Avery

Progressive techno with a lovely arty video. Absolutely worth a listen.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Mind.In.A.Box - Escape

Worth a Listen 4 - Mind.In.A.Box

Decent slice of industrial melodic techno. Certainly worth a listen.

Dead Sara - Lemon Scent

Worth a Listen 3 - Dead Sara

Semi-agreeable grunge rock with snuggle-toothed female vocals. I'm not convinced personally but it's possibly worth a listen or two.

Evarose - Cough it Up

Worth a Listen 2- Evarose

Unspectacular Paramore sound-alikes but possibly worth a listen?

Pony Pony Run Run - Hey You

Worth a listen 1 - Pony Pony Run Run

Funky semi commercial house music with wholesome holiday based video. Definitely worth a listen...