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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Simian Mobile Disco – Unpatterns

Another Christmas present and I’m less than convinced by the Mobile Disco experience. It sits somewhere between minimal techno and something more commercial. It’s not really funky techno but neither is it tech house, but I guess that’s as near as you’ll get description wise. Maybe I’m being harsh but it all sounded like the techno equivalent of lift music. Where’s the soul, the passion the energy?

Sadly, I’m sure DJ’s love this kind of stuff. It’s definitely not cheesy in anyway, shape or form, but a touch of even some rancid yoghurt would have livened things up let alone some fully fledged cheese. It’s polished, inoffensive electronic noodle doodling and the kind of music, I perhaps misguidedly believe, I could make myself if I bought some expensive equipment and an Apple Mac. Which is unlikely on both counts.

I realise I’m underselling this album, but I honestly can’t think of a time when playing this music would be in anyway pleasurable. Maybe in the greenhouse for tomatoes to grow to? Perhaps for new age pensioners to meditate to? I doubt it would even be any good for driving around London to in the rain, at night with all your guys in the backseat.

There are no tracks worthy of a mention. Worthy of attention for fans only or if you have a specific purpose for playing bland funkyish techno other than enjoyment.