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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Mesh - Automation Baby

Another Mesh album and you almost know what you’re getting before you listen. Heartfelt synth pop that sounds a bit like Depeche Mode on a good day, and possibly better suited to the German market. If that’s what you’re expecting then you won’t be disappointed by ‘Automation Baby’, however I doubt it will convert any new followers to the Meshsters world of electronica.

If anything this is their most consistent collection since 2009’s ‘A Perfect Solution’ with the trademark passionate vocals, emotive lyrics and possibly some catchier tunes than the standard Mesh offering. It always surprises me that no-one seems interested in the UK, but I suppose they’re in a bit of a niche market and I doubt it worries them. On the plus side it gets them regular reviews at Into the Valley...

Track wise, the standard is high, but ‘You want what’s owed to you’ is especially singalongable, ‘Adjust your Set’ is as near to the standard issue quality Mesh song as is possible and ‘Born to Lie’ is a little more aggressive but equally soulful. Even the obligatory Erasure style ballad ‘You couldn’t see this coming,’ is actually well worth a listen and you will possibly find yourself humming it at inopportune moments like I did.

What more can I say? It’s the usual, above average quality elctro-pop served up in a style somewhere between eighties new romantic electronica and pumped up seedy goth era Depeche Mode. What’s not to like? If the answer to that question is ‘everything’ then avoid all things Mesh and ‘Automation Baby’. If you’re a fan then it’s possibly their second best album behind ‘A Perfect Solution.’

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