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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Parenthetical Girls - Entanglements LP 2008

What is it?
This is the third album from the experimental, chamber pop outfit hailing from Portland Oregon. The orchestral arrangement is combined with quirky male and female vocals from Zac Pennington and Rachael Jenson.

Why should you listen?
On first listen it was like nothing I'd ever heard before. The orchestral instrumentation creates a semi-classical feel with snippets of long forgotten pop songs drifting in and out of proceedings so you're never quite sure whether you're listening to symphony or a Dusty Springfield cover. Lyrically it's verbose and complex, but delivered with a real passion and enthusiasm by Zac, but with Rachael's vocals adding a twee twist that places Parenthetical Girls somewhere between The Field Mice and Belle & Sebastian in the all time league table of tweeness. What's not to like? 

What's it like?
Elevator music for the lift shaft between a quirky heaven and earth, (in a good way.)

What's the best song?
'A Song for Ellie Greenwich' is typically precious and contains the best oboe solo in pop history.

Who does it sound like?
The Divine Comedy, Dirty Projectors, Magnetic Fields.

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