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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Trentmoller - Trentmoller Chronicles LP 2007

What is it?
Top Danish electronic producer and instrumentalist Anders Trentmoller presents a  compilation of rare tracks and remixes of his particular brand of soundtrack influenced, mid-tempo techno.

Why should you listen?
It's a 2 disc set featuring a mix disc of Trentmoller's favourites combined with a second disc of rare remixes. To be honest I'd not realised that the first disc was mixed as I've mostly listened to it on the computer, but all the tracks work individually as well as part of the whole piece. Trentmoller's trademark style of techno sits somewhere between the Boards of Canada and Royksopp and is full of bleeps, beeps, scratches, clicks and sighs which I find particularly enjoyable for some reason. This is combined with more ambient and cinematic approach to numbers like 'McKlaren' which showcases Anders at his most brooding. The remix disc is equally enjoyable with notable contributions from The Knife, Royksopp and Djuma Soundsystem. The whole package is really good value and provides an excellent introduction to a vastly underrated artist.

What's it like?
It's like a soundtrack for lonely, depressing films with isolated, wintery settings in Nothern Europe. 

What's the best song?
'Moan' from Disc 1 is a classic and 'What else is there' is a rare uplifting singalong number (well almost) on disc 2.

Who does it sound like?
Boards of Canada, Royksopp, Vegas Soul, Aphex Twin.

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