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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins - Rabbit Fur Coat LP 2006

What is it?
Jenny Lewis takes time out from underrated indie outfit Rilo Kiley to record her first solo album with backseat support from the Watson Twins.

Why should you listen?
The transition from indie goddess to alt-country diva may well have proved traumatic for many a pop star but this is not the case for Jenny Lewis. Rabbit Fur Coat is authentic, finished article alt-country with wicked, left of centre lyrics and a lullaby quality that could send you off to a beautiful sleep if you're listening late at night. Ms. Lewis obviously loves this flavour of music and this is no gimmick, as the belief and confidence in the songs shines through with an integrity that suggests this was a record that 'needed' to be made rather than a money making exercise. Her voice is as sweet as honey but suitably pepped up with just the right level of Southern 'twang' and the lyrics pose more questions than they answer which is always a good thing. This is something really different, intelligent and relaxing and is wholeheartedly recommended!

What's it like?
It's like Taylor Swift on steroids, if she'd lived in a deprived part of South Yorkshire, but retained her accent somehow.

What's the best song?
I'd go for 'You are what you love' just for all the magic references, but 'Rabbit Fur Coat' and 'The Charging Sky' will possibly have more universal appeal.

Who does it sound like?
I don't know any country artists really, but I've recently ordered Laura Cantrell's 'Kitty Wells Dresses' so I'm hoping it's as good as this.


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