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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Sabrepulse - Nintendokore Ep (2006)

What is it?
Chiptune. Proper chiptune. From Ash Charles, a UK based chiptuner.
Why should you listen?
If you have a liking for 8-bit music from the Commodore 64 era and if you like hardcore mental drumming then you’ll possibly like this. I fit into both categories so I absolutely love it. I was trying to find something different to listen to on from the free downloads section. I came across this and instantly liked it. I would definitely pay money for his other albums. Many wouldn’t. In fact, most people wouldn’t. They’re missing out on a treat. A word of warning though - I put this on a CD followed by a Lolishit album and listened to it in the car. It drove me mad. You can OD on chiptune.
What’s it like?
Chiptune is just like any other dance music except that rather than your standard issue dance sounds you replace them with 8-bit sounds. Imagine a Rob Hubbard game soundtrack from the eighties, dancify it up, add a blistering drum track and you’re about there.
What’s the best track?
‘Nintendokore’ - Great main hook to it, bonkers drums with one of the best kick sounds and an intense ending. A classic.
Who does it sound like?
She (Chiptune Collection 1), Lolishit

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