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Sunday, 14 August 2011

50 Foot Wave - 50 Foot Wave LP 2004

Ever wondered what happened to gravel voiced indie legend Kristin Hersh after the collapse of Throwing Muses? Well here she is in 50 Foot Wave the combo she formed in the mid 2000's and still performs with today.

This is an odd little six track album with a curious but not altogether unlikeable 'flat' underproduced sound. Hersh's vocals remain essentially similar to those of her previous band but the overall feel is more rock oriented and shouty, but the whole thing has the unfortunate feel of a 'hobby band'. Despite this it's definitely worth a listen and it fills fifteen minutes of your life with a punchy, energetic soundtrack.

There's no real standout track to get your teeth into but 'Bug', 'Clara Bow' and 'Lavender' are all worth an extended listen. It's not Throwing Muses, but it's a tasty titbit if you like that kind of thing.

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