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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Azam Ali - Portals of Grace LP 2002

What is it?
Iranian born and Indian raised Azam Ali proves herself one of the most versatile singers in world music with a collection of numbers from medieval Europe.

Why should you listen?
It's not something you're going to hear everyday. Azam's voice is a unique experience especially when applied to this collection of ancient, western compositions. It is the voice that takes centre stage in a faithful recreation of the these medieval pieces, but the atmosphere this album creates is just as stunning. Pop this on the CD player and you're transported to a different world; somewhere spiritual, calm and timeless.

What's it like?
The clue is in the title. It's like a portal to another place and time.

What's the best song?
"A Chantar M'Er" but they're all great.

Who does it sound like?
It sounds like no-one else.

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