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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Fratellis - Here we Stand LP 2008

The Fratellis are famous for the 2006 ditty 'Chelsea Dagger' which has been played at every football league ground in the country for the last few years. When you hear it you are strangely transported to your seat at the Keepmoat Stadium or some similar low league football stadium. I doubt they play it in the Premier League, but perhaps they do at Chelsea.

I really enjoyed the 'Costello Music' album and decided to check out the follow up 'Here we stand' which had been panned by every music critic in the world. Apparently they're a self parody, a pub rock band and generally a poor relation in the world of pop music. Undeniably they are a lower league combo just like the football teams that warm up to 'Chelsea Dagger', but that's a positive feature for me. This is a quality album with catchy numbers aplenty and at times sounds a bit like Red Kross, which is surprising, but can't be a bad thing.

It reminds me of all the other Vauxhall Conference level bands that have been snobbishly labelled as also-rans; Idlewild, The Frank and Walters, Blindside, etc. The Fratellis deserve better, but just like Mansfield Town they will always struggle to compete with the perceived quality of the U2's and Coldplay's of this world. If you see yourself at Old Trafford eating prawn sarnies then this is not the album for you. On the other had, if you're happier at Gigg Lane, Oakwell or the Galpharm Stadium and enjoy a bit of 'Love on the Terraces' then you'll probably appreciate 'Here we Stand' on the car stereo as you travel to the match.

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