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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Shudder To Think - Funeral At The Movies & Ten Spot (1996)

What is it?
A compilation of two Shudder To Think albums from 1991 and 1990 respectively.
Why should you listen?
Craig Wedren has got a cracking voice on lead vocals even though he sometimes goes into high pitched falsetto mode. But that sounds great too. The songs are quite catchy, harmonious and poppy but they sometimes throw in an unexpected chord or rhythm to make sure it doesn’t get too commercial.
What’s it like?
Classed as post-hardcore but in truth they sound more like a rocked up Sarah band at times (‘Day Ditty’). At other times like a top pop combo (‘Crosstown Traffic’) and there are also hints of a Fugazi type sound (‘Rag’). Nothing too complicated though, just two guitars, bass, drums, vocal and vocal harmonies. No fanciness. These albums have certainly stood the test of time as I first listened to them in 1992. There’s a rather humourous story associated with my first listenings. I can remember playing the records (not on a gramophone though) in a freezing cold attic room in Hull. In winter, to sleep, I had to wear all my clothes, hat, gloves and have a sleeping bag under my duvet. Even then I got frostbite on my nose. (Yeah, great story. Can we move on now?)
What’s the best track?
‘Jade-Dust Eyes’ - just for the bizarre phrasing on the first line. Two minutes and six seconds long, but it is perfectly formed pop. Doesn’t outstay its welcome in the slightest.
Who does it sound like?
Dag Nasty, Velocity Girl, Bivouac.

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