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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Tinariwen - Imidiwan LP 2009

What is it?
Top exponents of 'desert blues', Tinariwen are a Tuareg band hailing from the Shahara desert in northern Mali. Formed in the refugee camps of Libya in the early eighties, the band are noted as the epitome of guitar toting, Saharan cool.

Why should you listen?
Imagine the Sahara desert. Imagine the bleak, dust ridden environment, the baking sun and the relentless sandstorms. Out of the haze emerge men in full Tuareg clothing, but they are not holding the reigns of a camel. They are holding electric guitars that are linked up to amplifiers. And the soundtrack of the desert begins...

Tinariwen's fourth album is everything you expect. Atmospheric, languid blues straight out of another continent. The vocals are strangely soothing and rhythmic, with enticing female harmonies that intertwine with the bluesy guitars in an eerie soulful combination. It's a bizarre and strangely beautiful music, with the only criticism, that the songs on this album are a little formulaic in structure.

What's it like?
It's like the perfect soundtrack for the ultimate rock n roll road trip, on a camel.

What's the best song?

'Imazeghen N Adagh' has got to be a contender, with its trademark blues riffs and gorgeous harmonies.

Who does it sound like?
It doesn't sound anything like them, but it always reminds me of Spacemen 3.

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