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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Evlkeith's Festive 50 - 40 to 31

Welcome back to the next instalment in my Festive 50. Tonight we'll go through 40 to 31. Let's crack on.

40. Cut Down All the Trees and Name the Streets After Them - The Fall of Troy -  Manipulator
Shame they’ve had their rough edges knocked off them, but this one’s not too bad. Still a bit too commercial for my liking.

39. These Are The Reasons - Angie Stone - The Art Of Love & War
One for all you soulful types out there. Great backing vocals and a nice bit of distorted guitar in the ending. Smooth.

38. Thinktank - Airiel - The Battle Of Sealand
Free download from Quite a catchy little number, this one. I’ve listened to snippets from the rest of the album and I can’t say that I’m that keen on getting it. I might have to give it a chance next year based on the strength of this song. A bit of shoegazing is always a treat. A full album? I’m not sure.

37. Resolutions - Entertainment For The Braindead - Entertainment for the braindead - Hydrophobia Ep
Free download from This reminds me of The Wicker Man. Very folky and it’s got some of the loudest fretboard squeaks you’ll ever hear. Supposedly just the work of Julia Kotowski from Cologne, Germany. She’s a bit like Phil Collins. With hair. And talent.

36. Jubilee (Demo) - Warpaint - Demos
This one starts of quite relaxing with a simple guitar line and Bontempi drums. It doesn’t really intensify that much, but it is surprisingly enjoyable.

35. Things I Can’t Remember - Bit Funk - Love Scientific
Free download from Quite laid back and undemanding, this one. Enjoyable background music if ever I heard it.

34. Lazarus - Muchy - Galenteria
Free download from Hailing from Poland, this one sounds like something that might have made the proper Festive 50 in 1985. Quite catchy, and there’s a jingle-jangle distorted guitar.

33. Die Electro Voice - The Low Frequency in Stereo - The Low Frequency in Stereo
Free download from An instrumental from Norway for a bit of a change, starts off quite gentle and builds to being, well... not quite so gentle. There’s even a touch of distortion in the guitars for a treat.

32. Arise, Watch - Buffalo Tom - Skins
From their latest album and it’s more of the same really. The start contains some gorgeous chords. The demo version, contained on the album, is also pretty cool.

31. Inside A Boy - My Brightest Diamond - A Thousand Shark’s Teeth
From the Happy Shopper version of PJ Harvey comes the best track of an otherwise dirgesome album. At least it’s better than the real PJ Harvey track this year.
That's it for another evening's festivities. Hopefully, the tracks should be getting better (Doccortex normally thinks the opposite). See you tomorrow for numbers 30 to 21.

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