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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Mesh - An Alternative Solution LP 2011

A remixed version of Mesh's 2009 classic album 'A Perfect Solution' sounds like a mouth watering proposition especially when you've heard the Alien 6 Remix of 'Only Better' as featured as a classic track on Into the Valley...

Unfortunately all doesn't quite go to plan. All the remixes are decent enough, but admittedly are not up to the standard of Alien 6 version which is omitted for some reason. It's just that none of the remixing and noodle-doodling with the tracks actually improves or adds anything to them. A Perfect Solution was such a quality offering that I find myself wanting to listen to the original versions rather than the remixes.

There's really nothing to choose between the tracks with possibly 'Is it so hard?' causing least damage to the original. If you like Mesh, then this is an interesting collector's item, but in no way an essential purchase. If I were you, I'd stick with 'A Perfect Solution' and save your cash for one of the rarer and more expensive Mesh albums.

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