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Sunday, 26 February 2012

24. X-Cabs - Infectious - (Hook Records) 1997

I remember hearing an interview with Hook's owner and premier techno producer Chris Cowie one festive season. The interviewer asked him what he'd been up to on Christmas morning and Chris said that he'd been in the studio working on some new tracks because he loved making music so much. That love manifested itself in some beautiful trance and techno from the Aberdeen based producer and his stable of mysterious electronic artists.

Whether as a solo artist, with his groups the X-Cabs and funky techno equivalent Vegas Soul, or through his mixed compilation albums, Cowie turned his enthusiasm and expertise into special little nuggets of techno brilliance. I once listened to one of his DJ sets that I'd taped from the radio for about a year on the car stereo and never once got bored. It was as close as digital dance music can get to immortality.

And where are we now? Who knows what Chris Cowie is doing, but I bet it's great and I bet he's happily producing album after album of techno classics in his studio that will never see the light of day. I'd still love a Hook Records T-Shirt in the unlikely event that anyone in the Hook/Bellboy organisation is reading this?


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