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Friday, 24 February 2012

26. BT - Loving You More (Perfecto)

The 'Perfection' compilation on Perfecto Records changed my life in 1996. I'd got really disillusioned with the NME's constant championing of the next big thing and the inherent indie snobbery of what you could and couldn't like. I bought and loved 'Perfection', switched allegiances to Muzik magazine and spent the next three or four years in the world of dance music.

There seemed to be none of the beard stroking indie anorak preciousness in dance culture. Basically, you liked what you liked and nobody cared. Oakenfold could stick a bit of the pure-pop of Grace in the middle of his compilation and everyone thought it was great. A bit of trance, a little gospel, some house, a transvestite and a sprinkling of cheese, with the whole thing packaged and produced like a Disney spectacular.

I listened to the album over and over again at the time and still love it now. It was so fresh and different to the groups I was used to, it really revolutionised my thinking. It's just a shame I keep losing the CD. The BT track I've selected is trance with a deep house vocal and instantly transports me back to the nineties the second I hear it. Brian Transeau has never quite achieved his full potential for me, but this is as close as he came to perfection! Can you see what I've done there?

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