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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

14. System of a Down - Deer Dance

When I'm in the mood there's nothing better than a blast of System of a Down. At their best they are a ferocious, rocking beast with a strong sense of political awareness and topped off with the breathtaking voice of Serj Tankian. Unlike most 'traditional' rock bands, SOAD don't bore me to tears after about thirty seconds and manage to bring something different to the table. Maybe it's the naive joy that seems to exude from their music, perhaps it's the Eastern European slant on the rock template, or maybe it's the overtly political content of the lyrics. But System of a Down definitely break the mould.

There is one small downside however, they either seem to make cracking songs or rubbish songs and very little in between. I'm a bit 'all or nothing' myself and I kind of like the element of 'gamble' in listening to one of their tracks. Having said this, 'Toxicity' is possibly one of the most consistent albums ever made, and gave birth to my favourite System of a Down number; 'Deer Dance' is a political tour de force with plenty of shouting and vocal noodle-doodling from Serj. The guitarist also manages not to sing, which is always a bonus.

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