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Thursday, 15 March 2012

6. Husker Du - Bed of Nails

I only really listen to the Bob Mould songs on Husker Du albums. I instantly flick all the Grant Hart numbers which I suppose is unfair, but next to Bob's efforts his songs are just not in the same league. There just had to be a Husker Du song in the top ten and I've had real problems selecting my favourite from the countless Mould penned tracks that deserve attention.

In the end I've gone for the song I always come back to from 'Warehouse - Songs and Stories'. 'Bed of Nails' is possibly one of his more depressing outings from the Husker Du years, but nowhere near the all out despondency of 'Black Sheets of Rain'. I love the atmosphere and the lyrics of the song and it coincidentally happened to be the music I was listening to when I heard that an old, unpopular boss had announced his retirement.

I see that Bob has produced several new albums in the last few years - I wonder if they're worth a listen? I love the beard by the way!

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