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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

All Time Fifty Analysis

And just to complete the All Time 50, it's statistical analysis time! After trawling through the entries it's possibly interesting to no-one but me, however there is a wealth of information about my musical tastes over the years.

The top genres out of the fifty break down as follows; Indie (42%), Techno/Dance (16%), Rock (14%), Pop (10%) and Soul (6%).

The most popular year was surprisingly 2003 with five entries (Metric, Grandaddy, Postal Service, Infected Mushroom and Layo & Bushwacker). The next most popular years were 2001 and 1988 with three entries.

Of all the years since 1980, there were no entries later than 2006. The only other years with no entries were 2002, 1999 and 1981.

Worrying trends however emerged from the top ten with evidence as follows;

And that's not including most of Neutral Milk Hotel at number 2!

I now have to consider the unpleasant truth that I may have a beard fixation. Basically, half of my all time favourite pieces of music were made by middle aged men with (often) bushy beards. The highest placed woman is Isobel Cambell at number 7 and Emily Haines at 13, maybe they should grow beards. It's a sad reflection of myself and possibly society that all minority groups are under-represented, with white boys strumming guitars in the ascendancy. But if I compiled my favourite tracks from the last ten years, I'm sure it would be a much richer, more colourful and diverse collection than this little lot. Don't worry I'm not going to compile any similar charts for at least a decade.


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