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Monday, 26 March 2012

Dillinger Escape Plan - Ire Works 2007

Initially, I can't say that I was that impressed with this. It sounded vaguely like every other Converge type band. Shouty and fairly slow. As with all good music, it has hidden depths.

For starters, other instruments creep into the songs rather than your standard distorted guitar, drums and bass. You get orchestras and even piccolos (possibly). Greg Puciato's vocals aren't just mere shouting either. At times, he sounds strangely similar to Josh Homme in his mellower moments. There's even a bit that's a dead ringer (can you have a dead ringer musically?) for supergroup 'The Sound of Animals Fighting'. Puciato also does a fine line in falsetto 'kick in the chicken nuggets' singing too.

When I watched one of their videos, I was expecting some tattooed grizzled Karrang-a-likes. What you get is a little fella in a suit. Someone who your gran would think was a 'nice young man'.

The best track on there is 'Black Bubblegum' with its mixture of all of the above styles of singing, even though it is not typical of the album. Fairly standard in structure and, dare I say it, catchy. That probably means that I'll hate it in not very long and learn to love some of the other delights on the album. Next best is 'Milk Lizard'. I'll include the video for that, where you can see that the little tinkers had actually hidden their body inkage. Altogtether, it's a great album that will last me for a fair while. (Can't say anyone's that keen when I play it at work though. Quel surprise.)



  1. Surprisingly, I'm quite enjoying this! I was expecting something like the Mars Volta but this is so much better.

  2. I'll give you a lend of the album. I reckon you'll like all of it.