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Saturday, 17 March 2012

4. Leatherface - Razorblades and Asprin

Leatherface sound like no other band and even though they're lumped in with, or are accused of influencing so many other groups, they remain completely unique and genre-less to me. Frankie's voice sounds like he's been gargling with granite all his life and for the uninitiated can be off-putting; whatever gave him the idea that he could be a singer in the first place is beyond me, but thank goodness he gave it a go. Leatherface are essentially the North East of England in sonic form. They are Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Hartlepool and Newcastle all rolled into one and will simultaneously give you a good kicking, slap you on the back and push a meat pie into your face.

To write Leatherface off as simply a racket with distinctive vocals is missing the point however. The quality of the songwriting is up there with the Beatles. Lyrically they are as profound and representative of their time as Bob Dylan, melodically they can rival Enya and for pure fist punching passion they're like an alternative Sunderland version of Bon Jovi. Frankie and the boys are undoubtedly head and shoulders above any other British rock band although they receive little coverage or acclaim.

'Razorblades and Asprin' is a quality if unoriginal choice and is to Leatherface what 'Smells like Teen Spirit' is to Nirvana, but so much better. The world would have been a different place if 'Cherry Knowle' had gone global rather than 'Nevermind'.

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  1. Stunning song that has stood the test of time. This would be at a similarly high position in my all time favourites.