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Monday, 12 March 2012

9. New Model Army - Poison Street

Proof if ever it was needed that music can bring back memories of sad and stressful times as well as happy ones. Just as Grandaddy evokes memories of happiness, unfortunately New Model Army will always be associated with tough times and illness. The song itself is almost a rallying call for strength and resilience and although tinged with melancholy, hearing it again is strangely still a positive experience.

'Poison Street' is typical New Model Army; uncompromising, intelligent and political. Clogs, long black coats and Joolz. I read recently on a forum that a guy was gutted that he would have to stop attending their gigs as they were too dangerous for him, now he was 65! I guess that's the kind of devotion you can expect if you stick to your principles.

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