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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Polly Scattergood - Polly Scattergood LP 2009

I've had this for a while, but never quite fancied giving it a listen. The CD cover is hardly inspiring and somehow screams 'average quirky female singer' at you. Surprisingly, it's a little better than that, but still inhabits a territory somewhere between Laura Marling and a Kate Bush album track.

You get the feeling that if Polly was allowed to really let rip and escape the quirky straight-jacket, the whole experience would be far more pleasurable and entertaining. There are odd promising moments of pure originality on the album which have somehow sneaked under the record company's radar; the end sequence of 'I hate the way' is a case in point, and my favourite part of the record. 'Poem Song' has an equal lack of commercial value and we are rewarded with another gem rather than the stereotypical quirkiness.

Hopefully Polly Scattergood will be allowed or feel confident enough to make her next album her own vision. Forget formulaic female singer/songwriter standard offerings (Don't Touch) and scream, shout, wail, yodel and produce something different. She ought to aim to be far more of a Lena Lovich than a Lisa Hannigan in my opinion. Don't judge it by the cover, it's definitely worth a listen.


  1. It does all sound a little bit Kate Bushy. I actually quite like the front cover with it split pretty much in half, the wind blowing her hair across her face and the road winding away into the distance. I actually like the cover more than the song.

  2. For once I'm aware of an obscure album you are reviewing (-: Excellent choice, "I hate the way" is a highlight on the album.