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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Trentmoller - Into the Great Wide Yonder

Anders shuns the trademark clicky-scratchy techno and plumps for an altogether more epic approach which ultimately ends up in movie soundtrack territory. If it was a soundtrack to a film it would have to be an arty, European espionage thriller with no sense of humour, set in old East Germany. If it was a soundtrack it would be marginally above average, but not in the same league as the best.

It's not a terrible album, it's just not very interesting. The chilling atmosphere of his previous work is somehow missing and replaced by a more big budget feel that I'm not entirely sure Trentmoller needed. The instrumental tracks are presented in a techno meets Dick Dale style and tumble along going nowhere fast. The songs with vocals are much more engaging, with 'Sycamore Feeling' and 'Even though you're with another Girl' making a valiant attempt to pull things round, but ultimately it is the haunting mellow vocals and atmosphere of 'Neverglade' that turns the album into a positive experience.

Trentmoller is undoubtedly a talent, but if you want to make a soundtrack, then go make a soundtrack for a film. I'm all for experimentation, but in this case Anders may have been better off sticking to the plan.


  1. Trentmoller is a bit hit or miss for me, I love his Springsteen remix of State Trooper.
    "Although you're with another Girl" is decent enough. Neverglad I quite like as well, sounds like something from the Matrix soundtrack.

  2. I agree he's definitely hit or miss, but I much prefered his earlier stuff.