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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Royksopp - The Understanding

I like Royksopp. I'm not sure why and I'm not sure anyone else likes them. The Norwegian down-tempo duo make music that is distinctly Scandinavian and has the unique Royksopp sound. When you hear one of their tracks you know with certainty that it's them. 'The Understanding' is their second album and it carries on from where Melody AM left us, and sadly it's going to be one of those reviews where if you like Roysopp, you'll like this album. It basically does what it says on the tin.

Roysopp are like a more rounded and commercial version of Trentmoller, but with a smooth, mellow version of Morten Harket on lead vocals. It's a brain cleansing, refreshing experience and leaves you feeling like you've been floating in a relaxation tank of creamy luxurious mashed potato. Not Smash either, the real stuff with Lurpack and the cream off the top of the milk. The only criticism is all that soft, honey sweetness is just a touch too sickly, but check out the Trentmoller remix of 'What else is there?' for a bit of 'devilled' Royksopp with some edginess thrown in to spice up the sugery fun.

All the tracks are quality offerings but if pressed I'd go for the Beloved-esque 'Only this Moment', the Boards of Canada-esque 'Sombre Detune' and the uniquely Royksopp-esque 'Circuit Breaker'. As I stated earlier if you like some Royskopp flavouring sprinkled on your chilled dance music then 'The Understanding' will be right up your street. If you don't like them, this isn't going to change your mind.


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  1. I like at least some of what Royksopp have put out, sometimes they are too bland and mainstream, the original track of the tune you shared is one of my favorites.

    I recommend the band's 2010 album "Senior"