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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Bis - The New Transistor Heroes 1997

Rarely, if ever, do I actively dislike an album I've chosen to listen to. Don't get me wrong, if I'm forced to listen to Robbie Williams I'd certainly actively dislike it, to the point where I want to kick the stereo in. But for an album that I've ordered out of my own free will this is a rarity. Having said all this, I really hate 'The New Transistor Heroes'.

I generally like shouty Scottish agit-pop, so why are Bis so annoying?

1) Both singers have voices that grate like fingers scraping down a blackboard. One irritating member in a group is fine; see The Sugarcubes and Rage Against the Machine, but two is overkill.

2) All the songs sound like they were written in Primary school. They are shouty and Scottish, but they are rubbish; level 2c at best.

3) Every song sounds identical to the last and follows the formula; (Boy shout + Girl Shout)*childish voice + immature lyrics + some music in the background = rubbish.

I'm sure they're lovely people and their fans love them, but for the first time on 'Into the Valley..' it's a 0/10. Sorry.


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