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Monday, 10 December 2012

First Aid Kit - Our Own Pretty Ways

Pick of the Week 24 - First Aid Kit

Another Swedish combo, and this time it's the delicious timeless folk of the Soderberg sisters aka First Aid Kit. It's nothing particularly innovative, but done with such gusto, enthusiasm and innocence, it's virtually impossible not to fall for their passionate harmonies. This is no fluke either as their LP that I've been listening to recently is literally packed with songs of similar quality and intensity.

The video is another matter altogether. Initially I felt cheated that Eric was allowed to leave and go for his breakfast without properly bonding with the girls and possibly forming a lifelong relationship. After repeated viewing however, I've started to think he may just be a bad actor and all that cute awkwardness actually stems from the fact that he's a New York waiter with limited thespian talent. Who knows? But the whole episode definitely provokes more questions than answers. Although I doubt anyone else in the whole world is interested.


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