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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ane Brun – Do you remember

Pick of the Week 27 – Ane Brun

Good grief! What on earth is going on in this video? The old general looks to be in a demented state somewhere between purgatory and ecstasy, but what’s the purpose of this drumming and dancing based torture? They’ve even got the cheek to shoot him in the backside with a blowpipe a couple of times! And it’s all capped off by leaving him to die on a beach with only James and the Giant peach style balloons to hold him up. Quality drumming, great dancing and Oscar nominated acting from the old guy.

While all this is unfolding before our eyes Swedish based, Norwegian songstress, Ane Brun warbles on in the background with the gusto and booty-shakability of a down-market Scandinavian Beyonce Knowles on akvavit. This is the most accessible end of Scando music and Ane follows the formula of rhythmic wailing, but somehow forgets to add copious amount of fiddling. Lovely turquoise jacket, dangly earrings and a natty little song that sounds refreshingly different even without the video. 

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  1. I like gas mask man looking on as blowpipe man caps his ass.