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Friday, 5 April 2013

Evlkeith's Freebies - Ambient

So here's the next instalment in my free downloads trawl and it's the ambient section that I've been investigating. Not the easiest of genres, especially when I was previewing the tracks. Thirty seconds of a swirly pad slowly rising told me pretty much nothing about the track. A hint to people putting ambient stuff on put something interesting at the start of it. Singing's always good, but if you really want my attention give a piccolo a toot.

The tracks took a while to get into, but I've selected five fairly choice offering that, given a chance, should delight your eardrums. The condensed milk of the crop is 'Delorian'. The Portishead style singing did it for me. Shame about the lack of a piccolo.

1. Delorian - The Atomica Project - Metropolitan

2. Secret Society - Logical Disorder - Violent Playground

3. Monocrom - Monoceros - Imaginary_EP

4. XHD - Aydio - Deltitnu EP

5. Syntax Data - Abfahrt Hinwil - Links Berge Rechts Seen

Next time we will be delving into the genre commonly known as 'blues'. Mmm... not that enamoured with that but I'll give it a go.



  1. Beautiful tracks, thanks for sharing these. Love a bit of ambient once in a while.