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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Allo Darlin’ – Europe

It will get lumped in with all those other twee, C86 wannabees, but this is so much better than the standard jangle pop with female vocal fodder, that we all either love or hate. Elizabeth Morris has capitalised on the promise of ‘Dreaming’ and ‘Darren’ to produce an altogether deeper and emotional experience than can be reasonably expected of a CD. Sounding a touch ‘samey’ on first listen, repeated exposure allows you into an enchanted secret garden, with beautiful shrubs, purple crocii and  amusingly carved topiary hedges.

Our Australian songstress touches all the relevant genre bases; there’s a nod to Amelia Fletcher, a wink at the Smiths and a salute to the Shop Assistants, but woven together to make a seamless package, that ultimately has more in common with the Carpenters than the Flatmates. This is a velvety, comforting and silky listening experience not unlike listening to womb music and eating a bowl of rice pudding whilst wrapped head to toe in a goose-down body suit.

None of the songs have the immediacy of ‘Darren’, but that’s no bad thing. There’s a slow burning quality and philosophical underpinning to this collection that allows a longevity and savouring of each morsel that only Emily Haines can rival. The track listing in its entirety deserves your attention, with only’ Europe’ initially sounding a little awkward lyrically. ‘Some People Say’ is the standout however,  and I can only echo the sentiments that I really wish some things would stay the same too.

It’s a triumph of lyricism and musicality in a parochially British format, spiked with just a touch of Australian swagger. If you miss Madder Rose, pine for the Primitives and crave Camera Obscura, then this just might be the perfect album for you.           



  1. Yes, the album does sound a bit samey. My favorites are Tallulah and The Letter.

    I agree the lyrics are pretty strong. I love the line: "and I'm wondering, have I already met, all the people that'll mean something"

    I'll go and relisten to tracks Darren and Some People Say, which you liked.

    ps There's a new Camera Obscura album out. You can hear it on NPR first listen this week.

  2. Thanks for that and lovely to hear from you.

    Lots more on my listening list I think you'll like too.

    I'll check out the Camera Obscura album in the near future.