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Monday, 6 May 2013

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion - My Love for Ever More

Pick of the Week 31 – The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

The best clashing accents duet ever. Sparky from Demented are Go is I proper native New Yoiker and he 'holds her hand in moine'. This could be moider! Meanwhile the woman out of the Hillbilly Moon Explosion has a Scandinavian/(actually Swiss) twang that somehow manages to gell with Sparky’s gravel tonsiled murmurings.

It’s all surprisingly addictive stuff and I particularly like the angelic style wailing near the end. I’m doubting the commercial potential of The Hillbilly Moon Explosion and Demented are Go individually, but combined they’d probably rival Lady Gaga.

The video is great too, in that it manages to make neither of our heroes attractive in the least. Sparky looks like he’s seen better days at the best of times, but even his Hillbilly Moon love interest looks, dare I say, like she’s getting on a bit (for a pop star anyway). Luckily she still manages to look attractive next to Sparky, especially dancing in the leather jacket.

I doubt it’s everyone’s cup of tea, but seriously, what’s not to like?

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  1. This sounds like some Swiss lady has put on the radio, found this song by a gravel voiced gentleman, and then started singing along with it. The voices don't seem to mesh together, to my ears. But it'll probably be one of those numbers that grow on me, if it gets into the Festive 50 and I have to listen to it twenty odd times.