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Monday, 24 June 2013

Django Django – Django Django LP

This is an odd little album, but surprisingly enjoyable at the same time. I’d never heard of Django Django until I received this as a Christmas present and on first listen I wasn’t impressed. However, repeated listens wore down my defences and I ended up really enjoying the whole experience.

It’s hard to define what Django Django sound like, other than it’s definitely a fusion of styles, from world music to 60’s psychedelia. Imagine the Beach Boys crooning along to a Transglobal Underground soundtrack and you won’t be too far away. And there’s some lovely slide guitar on the odd track as well.

The best tracks are undoubtedly the folky ‘Hand of Man’, the mellow ‘Life’s a Beach’ and the hey nonny nonny electro folk of ‘Default’. Best of all is the anthemic ‘Hail Bop’ which manages to combine all the best bits and influences from the album in one bite size chunk with the sing-a-long ending of the year.

This is a decent, original and interesting album and I’d definitely recommend it. Thank you Father Christmas.
(A lovely ginger beard in the photo too.)

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