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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Rough Trade - Country 1 Compilation

Rough Trade compilations are always a bit hit and miss and this is disappointingly more miss than hit. The Country title is at best misleading, as this collection is less country and western and more punk, dark blues and indie folk. Admittedly every track has a tinge of Country-ness and the whole compilation has a coherence and logic, but it’s definitely not what I expected.

Imagine a genre of music that combines Ministry, The Violent Femmes, The Handsome Family, Michael Stipe, Johnny Cash and Caitlin Rose and you won’t be too far away. Having said this there’s little to write home about even if you love this new hybrid genre.

My personal favourites are the pure Country sounds of Freakwater with ‘South of Cincinati’, the Pixies soundalike of The Gun Club’s ‘Ghost on the Highway’ and the straightforward rush of 28th Day with ‘This Train’. Head and shoulders above everything else however, is the melancholy ballad of ‘Fancy’ by the Geraldine Fibbers. Where have the Geraldine Fibbers been all my life?

Not a vintage Rough Trade compilation, but if you love the old Country vibe them I’m certain there’ll be something here that takes your fancy. Yeeehah!

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