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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Icon for Hire – Make a Move

Pick of the Week 40 – Icon for Hire

If you’re going to have some cheese, I always find it more enjoyable to have a really enormous piece of the stinkiest variety in the delicatessen (or more realistically Morrisons). Icon for Hire are undeniably cheesy but just like emmental and Cornish Yarg (look it up cheese fans) they are gloriously addictive, sounding like a cross between Paramore, Pink and Panic at the Disco. This is a deceptively well written and catchy pop punk tune that you can’t help singing along to, and will go down in history as the song that was playing when daughter of Doccortex opened her GCSE results. I’m not sure it beats my equivalent; Tina Turner’s ‘Beyond Thunderdome’ but what can? Remember you heard about them here first when they turn out to be the next Nirvana (or more realistically Gabrielle Aplin). The album's not bad either!

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  1. A mixture of Paramore, Pink and Panic at the Disco: you're not selling it to me.