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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sarah Jaffe – Better than Nothing

Pick of the Week 39 – Sarah Jaffe

Straight out of Denton, Texas comes whimsical folk songstress Sarah Jaffe. She looks lovely and sounds lovely and I bet she is lovely too. Her fashion sense looks great too and she could definitely come on a shopping trip to Primark with me and Evlkeith if she wants some really cheap but snazzy gear. Her voice ranges from husky murmuring, progressing up to full scale yodelling and this song is a well crafted gem that eats into your subconscious and bursts out when you least expect it, a bit like the scene in Alien but less messy. Heartily recommended!


Denton, Texas facts for anyone interested:

  • Denton is the capital of Denton County, Texas.
  • Both were named after pioneer and handsome Texas militia captain John B. Denton – the Godfather of Denton.
  • Denton is known for its active music life; the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo attracts cowboys from all over the US and the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival attracts over 300,000 people with pointy little beards to the city each year.
  • Denton was the seventh-fastest growing city last year with a population over 100,000, as people flocked to this cultural and educational hub.
  • The City experiences hot, humid summers with lots of wasps, but relatively few extreme weather events.

The picturesque Denton Courthouse at night.


  1. "Better Than Nothing" is a great pick, it feels very truthful, and she makes it personal for the listener too. Way better than those artificial pop singers you hear on the radio.
    "Clementine", "When You Rest", and "The Way Sound Leaves The Room" are a few other tracks I like by her.

  2. Thanks Chris, wasn't aware of her until I heard this song. Just ordered the album so I've got high hopes for it now.

  3. Denton actually looks pretty nice. The song's not bad too.