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Monday, 23 December 2013

Rilo Kiley – More Adventures

If there was any justice or logic in the world, Jenny Lewis would be an international superstar dwarfing the combined achievements of Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and Adele like the Statue of Liberty staring down at three ceramic garden gnomes. Sadly, this is clearly not the case. But why is it that someone with so much talent, a beautiful voice and stunning good looks should be idolised only in the rarely read pages of obscure music blogs?

More Adventures is my fourth foray into the musical universe of Ms. Lewis and the content of the album more or less answers the question. She makes un-commercial, quirky music that sits in neither one genre or another. At times it’s indie, then it’s folkie and now and again it’s country.  The media and the masses hate not being able to categorise an artist, however original and gifted they are. It’s a depressing state of affairs really.

This album is the most upbeat and rocky of its predecessors, but retains the genre blurring, idiosyncratic flavour that is so enticing and alluring. If rock is the predominant style, there’s a fair selection of variety on offer as well. There’s the country-soul crooning of ‘I Never’, the indie ballad of ‘It Just Is’, the pure country of ‘More Adventurous’ and the camp-accoustic ‘The Absence of God.’ Most striking is the profound soft rock of ‘Love and War’ with clashing guitars and Jenny at her most shouty.


It’s an unusual and engrossing album, but let’s face facts, it’s never going to appeal to the masses. If you’ve never sampled their work this is probably as good a place to start as any.


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