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Friday, 28 February 2014

Rough Trade – Counter Culture 09 Compilation

2009 must have been a great year. I can’t say I remember it being a standout year for great popular music, but if Counter Culture 09 is anything to go by, it will take some beating by the other 99 Counter Cultures this century. It’s a definite return to form for the series and the highlights are as follows:

Nacho Patrol – Africa Space Program
How could I not like this? It’s bleepy techno meets ethnic tooting, with a quirky keyboard thrown in for good measure.

Terry Lyn – Kingstonlogic
Against my better judgement, I love this slug of base heavy, urban booty shaking mayhem. Works in tandem perfectly with…

Tiga – ‘Shoes’ which is disturbing on so many levels!

Bob Parks – Spiritual
Vocoders, Christianity and white rapping are not common bed fellows, but in the case of ‘Spirtual’ they seem to work seamlessly to produce this engaging piece of sonic lunacy.

The XX – Basic Space
Never heard the XX before, but this is a surprisingly mellow and engaging piece of indie pop.

Pissed Jeans – Human Upskirt
Gloriously shouty hardcore tear-up that Evlkeith would appreciate.

Crocodiles – I wanna kill tonight
Sounding like Automatic-era Jesus and Mary Chain meets the Teardrop Explodes , this is a singalong throwback to simpler times.

The Soft Pack – Answer to Yourself
Reminds me of Hot Snakes – does it need any more recommendation?

Cate le Bon – Sad Sad Feet
Where has Cate le Bon been all my life? Sounding exactly like Nico from the Velvet Underground on a good day, this is a soulful and mournful classic.

And best of all…Emmy the Great’s ‘Almost Had a Baby’ – just for the way she pronounces ‘called’ in this semi-alt-country tale of kitchen sink shenanigans.

There’s plenty more positives and this is possibly my favourite compilation in the whole series. Highly recommended.

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