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Monday, 28 April 2014

Evlkeith's Disco Recomendations

In the interests of trying to get a new genre of music into this year's Festive 50, I purchased a premium quality disco compilation. Actually it's not that premium, but I was hoping that the fact that it didn't contain many big hitters ('We Are Family' or 'I Will Survive' are definitely not included, for instance) would mean that it may well have a few disco obscurities that turn out to be quite good.

My crafty plan worked. There are indeed a few little gems that I hadn't heard before. Here are my top five from the hundred on offer:

I Was Tired Of Being Alone - Patrice Rushen

Getaway - The Salsoul Orchestra

It Looks Like Love - Goody Goody

Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Inner Life

                            Weekend - Phreek

The last two tracks are obviously available as different versions, but these disco themed ditties are both incredibly worthwhile. I actually like the original Phreek 'Weekend' better than the housed up version that I'd heard previously (not sure who that one's by, but I can't say that I'm that keen on it).

I've tended to listen to these disco classics in the car on the way to work and despite the weather being dull and overcast I've felt the need to put on my sunglasses. The overall campness has got to me too, and I've even bought a Hello Kitty doll to ride shotgun with me as I groove along to some outta sight tunes.

I've enjoyed the disco experience so much I think I may be delving into some groups' back catalogues in a bit more depth. So expect more than one disco hit in this year's Festive 50.


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