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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Chicas! Spanish Female Singers 1962-1974

Billed as an irresistible blend of ye-ye, rock n roll, twist, beat, garage, rhythm and blues, soul and latin, this is an entertaining and varied bunch of sixties inspired Spanish stormers. Beware however, this is the campest collection of songs outside of a camper van parked in a camp site in Campania (look it up geography fans). The highlights, and there are plenty, are as follows:

Note; there are no pictures of Margaret Sierra, possibly due to her untimely death, so you'll have to make do with generic sixties cha cha dancers.

Margaret Sierra – Cha Cha Twist
Super camp twisting fun with over the top latin vocals.

Marisa looking cool in the sixties.

Marisa Medina – No te acuerdas de mi
Great intro, twangy guitar and groovy flute action.

Sadly, it's this Sonia...

Sonia – Aqui en mi nube
Cover of the Stones’ ‘Get off my Cloud’ and much better than the original it is too. I doubt it’s the Scouse 80’s Sonia but who knows? (Everyone now - see below)

...not this one.

Alicia Granados – Batiendo Palmas
Top squeaky voice action.

Fresia Soto – Desencadena mi Corazon
The best song from the compilation and the only one that holds water outside of the camp world of Chicas! Proper Latin soul.

Encarnita Polo – Hava Naguila
My personal favourite as they’ve turned this traditional Jewish song into a sing-a-long classic. And the chorus also sounds like a football chant.

All things considered, an unusual and good value compilation. An ideal Christmas present in my opinion.

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  1. Great cover. Not exactly sure about the little ditty yet. Thanks for the picture of Sonia. I'd got a plain Mr Crispy crisp stuck in my throat causing a slight amount of choking. The ginger scouser shifted it nicely due to the induced gip.