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Sunday, 4 January 2015

DocCortex's Festive Fifty 2014 (10-1)

10. Aesthetic Perfection - The 11th Hour

Storming, anthemic track from 'All Beauty Destroyed'

9. Ayumi Ishida - Taiyou Wa Naite Iru

Japanese sixties chic from the 'Nippon Girls' compilation.

Sadly this is not the song but another of her ditties.

8. Megson - The Longshot

Football meets folk in engaging story format, hurray!

7.  Kiesza - Hideaway

Even a billion hits on Youtube can't stopping us lovely this dance floor crowd pleaser. Great video and ginger too!

6.  Eels - New Alphabet

Chunky and well produced number from Mark Oliver Everett.

5. DJ Sanj - Balle Balle Hogay Mitro

Classic track from Bhangra Evolution.

4. Cinerama - Careless

David Gedge returns with Cinerama who I only just discovered this year.

3. Heidi Talbot  - The Lonliest

Stalk, beautiful Irish folk music everyone should hear.

2. Rise Against - A Gentlemen's Coup

Another piece of quality from the world's favourite agit-rockers.

1.  Emmy the Great - Mia

Fantastic track from fanastic album. 'MIA' basically picked itself by getting stuck in my head for the whole year. A work of genius!

Well that's Christmas over and done with I suppose. It's now time to start listening to some new music!


1 comment:

  1. And so we get to the final ten:
    10. Aesthetic Perfection - Not too bad screamo gimp music - 5/10
    9. Ayumi Ishida - Quality stuff that brings to mind The Castle of Cagliostro (well, for me anyway) - 7/10
    8. Megson - I'm a bit stuck on the fence with this one. I veer between liking it and hating it. His accent grates on me so I'll give it - 3/10
    7. Kiesza - Quality - 7/10
    6. Eels - Amazingly, this wasn't as painful as usual. Surely this is the beardy little fellow's pinnacle - 5/10
    5. DJ Sanj - More great Bhangra stuff - 7/10
    4. Cinerama - This one grew on me, a bit too gentle for my liking but even so - 6/10
    3. Heidi Talbot - I'm not keen on this mixture of scrawky female singing plus old pensioner voice ('shofter shtuff' - put your teeth in fella) - 3/10
    2. Rise Against - Not as much like Blink 182 as last year's entry (but there's still a whiff) this starts off pretty well, a bit over produced and glossy with some poor backing vocals, but overall not bad. The song then seemingly builds as it heads into a little instrumental bit. I waited with baited breath for it to all kick off. Then it descends into a godawful slow bit that kills any momentum. (Here's another lovely comparison for you.) It all sounds like a cross between the worst bits of Biffy Clyro and The Kings of Leon. Terrible. The final chorus never pulls it back round and adds nothing to the song. I'm only ranting so much because it was so, so close to being a good song. A real shame. (Mrs evlkeith knew that I wouldn't be too keen because she could listen to it without wincing.) - 2/10 (Could have been a 7 if not for the slow bit.)
    1. Emmy the Great - As with most number ones, it's okay - 4/10

    So there you have it, a pretty good evening with a total of six likes including Eels man!

    This gives a Festive 50 total of 23 likes = 46%