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Friday, 3 April 2015

Coco Rosie – Tales of a Grass Widow

I’m not sure why I own this album but logically I should really like the quirky work of the French based Casady sisters whose sound has been labelled as ‘freak folk’. Sounds intriguing…it’s apparently a combination of blues, opera, trip hop, pop, electronica and rap. And they almost pull it off, however for some reason it doesn’t quite work.

Most probably this is because the singing sounds uncannily like the princess of quirkiness herself, Bjork, and I struggled to get over this whenever I listened to the album. The accent, the intonation and even the lyrical content are just too Bjork-esque. Secondly, the whole concept is just too fussy. There’s so much going on behind the familiar quirksome vocals. I was never sure what I was supposed to be enjoying and when. The CD packaging is lovely though.

All the tracks are much of a muchness in a Bjork meets Trip Hop in the style of Of Monsters and Men kind of way. I quite enjoyed the more straightforward songs like ‘Child Bride’ and ‘Villain’ but the strange rapping style on ‘End of Time’ is perhaps their finest moment.

It’s not altogether un-enjoyable but it just didn’t push my buttons. If you like the sound of a folky version of the Sugarcubes playing trip hop (without Einar unfortunately) then this could well be the perfect album for you.

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