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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Mahala Rai Banda - Mahala Rai Banda

I think I overdosed on this kind of Balkan gypsy vibe a couple of years ago and I struggled to engage with Mahala’s 2004 self titled album. Having said that it’s clearly a fantastic album with the requisite tooting and fiddling action and the booty-shakability to get everyone from old age pensioners to professional belly dancers strutting their stuff.

Musically it’s practically identical to 2009’s ‘Ghetto Blasters’ but perhaps a little less polished and with greater sense of atmosphere and raw grooviness.  It’s also got one of the best CD covers of the 21st Century that basically sums up the album perfectly. I also love the weird vibrato-piano type instrument that sneaks into a couple of the songs.

It’s essential listening for the genre and a veritable toot/fiddle tour de force. I’ll definitely give it another listen when I’m in the mood for this flavour of music.

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