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Friday, 24 April 2015

Queens of the Stone Age – Like Clockwork

A Christmas present but in this case not one I was particularly looking forward to experiencing. Dave Grohl’s involvement with QOTSA has put me off them a bit, although my prejudice may have no basis as I’m not sure he has anything to do with them these days. Anyway, Grohl aside, the album is still chugging, predictable and frankly boring. Basically, most of the tracks get flicked with the exception of two that are at least acceptable.

It sounds like they’ve run out of ideas and are making records just for the paycheque now. Having said that ‘I sat by the Ocean’ is engaging enough in a middle of the road style and ‘The Vampire of Time and Money’ is a quirky little rock ballad that it’s difficult not to enjoy. Credit where credit’s due, but it’s hardly worth the price of the album on its own. All the rest have the feel of a standard issue QOTSA b-sides and fillers compilation.

One for the hardcore fans only I think.

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