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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Camille - Le fil LP 2005

What is it?
French singer songwriter Camille undertakes a voyage of discovery into her own voice and adds a single droning thread  for good measure.

Why should you listen?
Even with the single note, string or 'le fil' that drones through the whole album it's not quite as annoying as you may imagine. It's all very sparsely arranged with Camille's voice taking centre stage in 'Medula' era Bjork style, but obviously not quite as full on. The thread, her voice and the originality of the song-writing combine to provide a unique atmosphere that is undeniably French but at the same time spanning a range of global music styles. It's sometimes challenging to come to terms with but ultimately really rewarding.

What's it like?
It's like the sound French people who can't speak English hear when they listen to Kate Bush through ear muffs.

What's the best song?
"Pale Septembre" is beautiful, haunting and bold.

Who does it sound like?
Maybe a cross between Bjork, Kate Bush  and Emiliana Torrini.


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