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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Hot Snakes - Automatic Midnight 2000

What is it?
The first album by Hot Snakes. Band members Rick Froberg and John Rice/Reese (actually John Reis but I don’t know how to pronounce it and if anyone does know, don’t spoil it for me) were previously in Pitchfork and the excellent Drive Like Jehu. 

Why should you listen?
Technically, singing should contain some kind of melody. Rick Froberg, on main vocals, just kind of talks/shouts without even a sniff of a tune. To compound things, there’s not much in the way of production values. Drums, bass, guitar, vocals, a bit of distortion and that’s your lot. The songs are all short and not one of them has been painted by the catchy brush. To sum things up, a near perfect album. Near perfect, because a few songs are not as memorable as others. Nothing that you would flick past whilst listening though.
What’s it like?
Punky hardcore goodness. Something where pensioners say ‘Thank goodness for that’, when it’s finished/turned off.
What’s the best song?
‘10th Planet’ - Plenty of tuneless shouting with a recurring Swervedrivery type bit.
‘Mystery Boy’ with vocals by John Rice/Reece is great too.
Who does it sound like?
Drive Like Jehu, Obits, Wipers


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