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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Mesh - A Perfect Solution LP 2009

What is it?
Mark Hockings and Richard Silverthorn's Bristol based synth-pop combo produce a quality album of 'Depeche' tinged, heartwrenching, sing-a-long numbers.

Why should you listen?
Despite the melancholy lyrics this is a really uplifting collection electro-pop classics. The band are 'big' in Germany and there's more than a hint of German industrial techno about the arrangements. Combine this with Dave Gahan 'on a good day' vocals and there's no wonder they're mad for Mesh in Northern Europe. Not sure who the strange lady is but maybe she's the Bez style dancer in the group as she doesn't appear to sing, I hope so anyway.

What's it like?
It's like Anglo/German entry of some alternative reality Eurovision Song Contest.

What's the best song?
'Only Better' is an anthemic synth classic with the kind of singalongability not seen since Ultravox's Vienna.

Who does it sound like?
An improved version of Depeche Mode, VNV Nation, Covenant, Erasure on a down day.

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