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Sunday, 1 May 2011

She - Orion 2009

What is it?
This is the second major release from top Polish chiptuner She, formed by sole member Lain Trzaska in 2003. 
Why should you listen?
As an introduction to chiptune music it is actually very well produced and, dare I say the dirty word, commercial. I’m not even that convinced about how many proper chiptune sounds were actually involved in the making of this album. Regardless, there are some great tracks on here. Many tracks frequently sound like they are cutting out or something is going wrong with your music first. At first, this is disconcerting. When you get into it you just want more. Mrs evlkeith has never got into though and just hates the way that the sounds keep pulsing and, at times, disappearing altogether.
As well as dancy sing-a-long numbers there are some more laid back tunes that are not as successful. ‘Home’ in particular is just dentist waiting room music. Great if you’re a dentist. Not so good for the rest of us non-dentists. Even though not every song is great I would still advise you to buy the full album. On the She website, see the link below, you can download five full albums and four singles. For free. Each album is in a slightly different style so there is lots of variety. So if you like the sound of this support the little fellow by  buying the full album.
What’s it like?
Great electronic music that’s been battered to death by filters and glitches. Brilliant.
What’s the best track?
‘Atomic’ The introduction is almost painful when loud, with its growling bassy noise. Quality cutty out action in the first half, shame it didn’t carry on all the way through. There is a brilliant use of inhaling though. Listen to it, you’ll see what I mean.
Who does it sound like?
Gekkan Probowler, Hierophant Green, Sabrepulse


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