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Sunday, 1 May 2011

UNKLE - Psyence Fiction LP 1998

I'm thinking this is maybe not an album for listening to in the car as I've been a little underwhelmed as I've listened to it for the last couple of weeks while driving round. Put it on the big speakers however, and it's a different kettle of fish entirely. It all sounds much richer and darker, although it's still patchy at best.

This is the debut album of UNKLE produced by DJ Shadow using the vocal talents of a range of 'top' singers, most of which I have very little time for. Richard Ashcroft, Alice Temple and Badly Drawn Boy revert to type are all instantly forgettable, but Mike D, Ian Brown and surprisingly Thom Yorke all produce interesting downtempo electronic pieces of work. It's certainly not 'Endroducing' but you can tell it's DJ Shadow with some cracking use of samples and almost classical instrumental pieces. May be worth a try in a 'Late Night Tales' type setting. Great graphics and videos though!


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